His Own Words: Jay Moore’s Self-Expression #CanadianRootsRadio #TheBlend

Jay Moore, In His Own Words

Interesting question. I’m not really sure what keeps me going. I sure don’t have a lot of fantasies about fame and fortune. Now, I love to perform and hear the applause and I like to work with other musicians and make a great sound in front of an adoring crowd. But I like my life and the cost of such fleeting fame and feeble fortune is usually too high. Being on the road and all that entails, being away from my wife and my home, giving up other really important parts of my community just
to sing in a few lousy venues and sell a few records? No way. I suppose I could sell a song someday if I can get someone to pitch one but that’s a really big long shot. We’ll see.

In the meantime, what keeps me going is my art, my form of self-expression. I sing and I write – prose, poetry and songs. Would I still sing if no one ever heard me? And if no one ever read or heard my own stuff, would I still create it? Yes and yes.


Yours In Radio,


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