Musicians (how to submit your music)

Canadian Roots Radio is an online interest radio station dedicated to playing Canadian Folk, Blues and Roots music. Here are the NEW UPDATED guidelines to submitting music to Canadian Roots Radio:

(1) We’re looking for Folk, Roots and Blues music. If that’s what you play then you’ve come to the right place to spin your music.

(2) E-mail Send a link to one or two tracks you would like to be considered for airplay. If you send a link to a site with multiple tracks (e.g., CBC, Sonic Bids, BandCamp …) suggest the one or two you would like auditioned. If you send a YouTube link be sure the audio quality is good, really good, so your work can be properly auditioned. You can also share your files on dropbox (jim -at- canadianrootsradio -dot- ca) but please still send an e-mail.

(3) In your e-mail include what province you are from. If you are not from Canada tell us what country you are from.

(4) In your e-mail include your twitter handle and the website link you would like publicized.

(5) If I like what I’m hearing I’ll get back to you and ask you either for high-quality uncompressed digital files or a CD.

(6) Please do not send your CD(s). Unsolicited CDs are not being accepted at this time.

We have a special e-mail list to keep in contact with musicians. If that’s you, you’re encouraged to join. We have a no spam policy.


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