Countdown to Launch: Hey We’re Launched!

Canadian Roots Radio officially launched today, November 1st, with two channels, The Blend and Net Blues.

The Blend draws from a massive collection of Canadian Folk, Blues and Roots Music. Net Blues draws from Canada’s rich blues scene.

Listen today and support us today!

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Countdown to Launch: Musician & Author Jane Eamon @janeeamon Shares Insights With Canadian Roots Radio

Canadian Musician & Author Jane Eamon @janeeamon is sharing her insights with Canadian Roots Radio. Eamon is author of The Song Writer’s Voice, In the book she interviews 26 Canadian Songwriters. Eamon says she “wanted to get inside the writer’s mind”.

So naturally I asked Eamon to choose one song from each musician to be included in the Canadian Roots Radio playlist and she readily agreed.

The musicians interviewed in the book include:

Stephen Fearing
Ed Winacott
Barry Mathers
Andrew Smith
Norm Strauss
Lorraine Hart
Gary McGill
Dave Borins
Shari Ulrich
Eve Goldberg
KJ Denhert
Ian Thomas
David Essig
Mae Moore
Jim Moffatt
Lynn Harrison
Linda Marie Grenier
Rosemary Phelan
Manitoba Hal
Kristin Sweetland
Yael Wand
Jory Nash
Bruce Madole
Joanne Stacey
Ian Robb
Maria Dunn

Jane actually chose more than her allotted 26, but that’s ok. I’m collecting the music and the complete list of songs chosen will be released in the near future.

Hey  – launch tomorrow!

Yours In Radio,


Countdown to Launch:100 more CDs for Canadian Roots Radio thanks to OCFF

Canadian Roots  Radio received over 100 CDs to be considered for our playlists and music library. They came via the The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals @theocff Drop Box program.

Canadian Roots Radio previously received a massive infusion from Borealis Records .

There is an astonishing amount of quality Canadian Music available. We’re proud to be passionately playing it.

Yours In Radio,

~ Jim

Countdown to Launch: Our second Channel Net Blues Now in Pre-Launch Mode

Canadian Roots Radio’s second channel, Net Blues, is an all blues channel featuring Canadian Blues musicians.And it is online now, in pre-launch mode. You can listen in at our website

The official launch date is November 1st, but we have a pre-launch stream available now.You’ll hear Henry Manx Michael Jerome Browne David Vest Suzie Vinnick Morgan DavisAl Learman and many, many others.

Canadian Roots Radio is listener supported. Your $9 donation will go a long way to keep the station going. Donations can be made online at our website

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Countdown to Launch: Listen to CRR on your smartphone and ipad

You can now listen to Canadian Roots Radio – The Blend on your smartphone and ipad. Listen through popular apps including WunderRadio and Tune In. We’re still in pre-launch phase, so please let me know if you have difficulty tuning in. Also if you have a favorite radio app on your smart phone and it doesn’t list Canadian Roots Radio let me know & I’ll get right on it.

Yours in Radio,


Countdown To Launch: Give us a Test Listen TODAY

Much work has been done, much ground cleared. And 2 weeks ahead of schedule Canadian Roots Radio’s main stream The Blend is available for listening at

The Blend’s name derives from the wide variety of music played – a blend of Folk, Blues and Roots.

Give a listen and if you like what you hear donate nine bucks to show your support.

Today is a good day to listen to music!


Hollywood Whistling for Stouffville’s ArtsCan Circle

You’ve seen him on TV in Columbo, Murder She Wrote, LA Law and films like Star 80 and Empire Strikes Back . But you may not know that you’ve also heard him on Days Of Our Lives, Buck Rogers in the 20th Century and in many commercials. 

He’s Guerin Barry, Hollywood’s professional whistler. Whether it is feature films, documentaries, commercials or pop records, when Hollywood wants whistling, Guerin is the go-to-guy.

And right now he’s thinking about the upcoming ArtsCan Circle Benefit to be held in Stouffville.

read the full story on

Hollywood Whistling for Stouffville’s ArtsCan Circle.