Jim Priebe Publicity now accepting clients

Jim Priebe Publicity, a division of Canadian Roots Radio, currently has openings for a limited number of new clients.

Musicians planning a tour or CD launch, or musicians wishing to develop an on-going relationship with their fans will benefit from our services.

Jim Priebe Publicity offers musicians a full suite of media management services including:

  • Generate and manage publicity through traditional and new media channels
  • Social Media Management

Act before January 31, 2014 and you’ll get your first month free.

E-mail jim@canadianrootsradio.ca or call 647-992-8294 for more information. You’ll be glad you did.

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Nelson Mandela: Reflections and Song from Humanitarian Glen Marais @GMarais88

Humanitarian, Musician and Canadian Roots Radio jingle creator Glen Marais wrote this song to celebrate Nelson’s 90th birthday. It was chosen by The Mandela Children’s Foundation to be the official song for his 90th birthday.

Here are Glen’s reflections:

I am filled with thoughts of my parents and South Africa tonight and the many years of struggle that they and so many South Africans faced in the quest for freedom and equality. My parents came to Canada to find a better life for us, because of the system of Apartheid that enforced racial separation and led with fear and tyranny.

I remember how overcome they were when he was elected President. It was such a big moment for them and for the whole world, to see a black man running a country that essentially reduced their status to be less than human. It was a wonderful renaissance and change and so much hope came with it. His call for a rainbow nation was supreme and brilliant in the wake of the hatred and oppression that he had faced for 27 years. This was Mandela’s brilliance; turning enemies into allies and foes into friends. Leading with love and inspiring the world to follow in this dream and free ourselves from the shackles of ignorance and narrow mindedness.

To me Mandela stood as tall and proud as Martin Luther King in his quest for civil rights and equality for blacks in America. The challenge was equally intimidating and as dangerous and required enormous courage, belief and faith in the right of freedom for all. Mandela was a warrior spirit who never wavered in his beliefs, but tempered and refined his vision with the wisdom acquired from 27 years of captivity into a dream and hope for a better world that completely captivated and inspired the entire world. His love of children and belief in them as our hope for the future is a fantastic legacy to carry forward and continue the work that he started. Prayers for South Africa and Mandela’s family tonight.

View the song on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUW3aWFfqqY&feature=share

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Today’s Additions @ctaddo The Backyard Devils @EastCoastMusic @MusicMusiqueNB

Today’s additions include songs from New Brunswick’s The Backyard Devils.

Tracks from Catherine Taddo’s Under Your Hood have been added to the NetBlues file. NetBlues showcases Canadian Blues music and can be heard nightly 10-11pm EST.

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Today’s Playlist Additions D’Arcy Wickham, Mark BIRD Stafford

Today’s playlist additions include tracks from D’Arcy Wickham’s Feather Fingers. D’Arcy is an extraordinary guitarist. He’s also an extraordinary guitar teacher. Learn more about the man, his music and his music lessons at http://www.darcywickham.com/

Added to the NetBlues File is Mark BIRD Stafford’s live at the Delta. NetBlues is our signature all Blues show, heard nightly 10-11pm EST right here on Canadian Roots Radio.

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