New music from Lynne Hanson’s new CD River of Sand @lynnehanson

Lynne hanson CD arts Today we’ve added tracks from Lynne Hanson’s new release River of Sand.

From her website: Americana, roots music, rough-around-the-edges folk. Canadian songwriter Lynne Hanson prefers “porch music with a little red dirt.” Hanson songs are like a favorite pair of jeans. They’re rough around the edges, faded and worn through in spots, with a bit of honestly-acquired dirt ground into the seams.  The record was produced by Juno-award winning Canadian songstress Lynn Miles “The songs on this record are honest and fearless.” More information about Lynne Hanson and her music at ~Jim

This week: New Music from @ian_foster The Great Wave @_MusicNL_

Ian-Foster-the-great-wave-album-cover-web-250x250Today we’re adding some tunes from Ian Foster’s newest CD The Great Wave. 

Learn more about one of Newfoundland’s award winning and multi-nominated singer-songwriter, his music and his latest  CD at

Canadian Roots Radio. There’s a song for you too.




New Music from the 24th Street Wailers tonight on NetBlues @24thStreetWail

Wicked-Album-Cover-300x300We’ve added some cuts from the 24th Street Wailers latest CD Wicked. Tune In tonight & every night 10-11pm EST for our signature Blues Show NetBlues.

Thanks for the CD Richard Flohill.

More about the 24th Street Wailers at


Today’s Addition to the NetBlues File: Brandon Issak


CD art from Brandon Isaak’s latest.

Today we’ve added cuts from Brandon Issak’s latest CD Here on Earth. We’ll be spinning some cuts this week on our signature blues program NetBlues, heard nightly from 10-11pm EST.

More info about Brandon and his music can be found at


Today’s additions: Tracks from Jessica Bundy’s Careless Smile @jess445


Artwork from Jessica Bundy’s latest EP.

Today we’ve added to the playlist “Careless Smile” and “To Fall” from Jessica Bundy’s new EP Careless Smile.

Tune in throughout the week to hear ‘em.

Visit for more info about Jessica and her music.

~ Jim

Sneak Peek: Today June 15 we’re playing tracks from Andrea Menard’s new CD Lift @SPEAKMusicPR @andreamenard @Musideum

Today, June 15, Canadian Roots Radio is pleased to present some sneak peeks from from Andrea Menard’s new CD, Lift.

Lift will be officially released June 16, 2014 at MUSIDEUM, 401 RICHMOND STREET WEST, SUITE 133, TORONTO. Visit for more information about the venue.

Other tour locations include Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, & Winnipeg. 

Visit for more artist info.

Yours in Radio,


Ewan Dobson – Birth of 12 String CD. Guest post by Brian O’Sullivan @EwanDobson

Dear friends of music,

After returning from his latest tour focusing on Acoustic Metal, Ewan immediately went into his home studio and began creating Acoustic Metal II. His usual routine now for writing and recording involves staying up all night and often we talk in the morning before he goes to bed (I’m an early riser). I was encouraging Ewan to take a holiday after his latest exhaustive effort. What happened next surprised me. New compositions on 12 string guitar started appearing on Facebook. I got a call last night and he played a fresh composition for me over the phone. I suggested the title “Hillbillies on Speed” due to it’s incredible pace and reference to traditional American Bluegrass. The song above was sent to my inbox at 4am today. So it looks like another CD is in the offing. The muse has dug it’s claws into Ewan’s shoulder and won’t leave until this next CD focusing on music for the 12 string guitar is completed.

The tune above is lovely – very positive and happy. It is also a very mature composition – one that should appeal to the old time fingerstyle fans who might find his ‘acoustic metal’ (a genre he invented) a bit heavy. I love the part where it gets quieter – very ‘programatic’ (are you familiar with that term ?). It’s when the music directly represents what it is describing as in Peter and the Wolf or when Hendrix whistles at girls using a string bend on his guitar :).

I have suggested that Ewan consider dedicating this CD to one of his inspirations – 12 string maestro Leo Kottke. It would be wonderful if Leo could write an introduction to the CD to be included in the packaging.

I hope you enjoy the music and, if you can, please consider supporting Ewan’s efforts by purchasing his CDs or downloads available through Candyrat Records or i-tunes.

Thank you !


Brian O’Sullivan is a co-founder of the York Region Fingerstyle Guitar Assocation. He is also an accomplished musician, music teacher and husband.He blogs with which you can follow here: