In His Own Words: Larry Dean’s #CanadianRootsRadio #TheBlend

Larry Dean,, In His Own Words,

I’m the lead singer for the Stranger Creek Band and some night’s you wonder why you put your self through the bother of practicing, setting up the sound, tearing it down, packing it up, the long drive back home, just to unload and do it all over again. Then you start the first song and you see all these people dancing to your music, laughing and reminiscing about the good times, and you know there is nothing else you’d rather do …..


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In His Own Words: Steve Stairs, Doin’ It For the Love of It, #CanadianRootsRadio #TheBlend


Steve Stairs,, In His Own Words,

[I] Live in Lake Country |B.C. As a musician I think we do what we do cause we love it. Anytime you can get paid for doing something you would do for free it is a bonus! For me the music makes me tick!

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His Own Words: Jay Aymar’s Fuel @JayAymar #CanadianRootsRadio #TheBlend

Jay Aymar, , In His Own Words:

Every show, every mile traveled, every sunrise and sunset, every story told before and after gigs. The songs, the musicians, the artistry and magic of it all. As always, your stories become my stories in song and I give them back to you. This gives me fuel to keep moving, keep the ink flowing, the notes humming. It becomes unstoppable and inevitable. Songs for the people by the people.

To live on the trail is a gift. To write and perform your songs to you is the reward.

Thank you.
Jay Aymar


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In His Own Words: Al Learman’s Mentors #CanadianRootsRadio #TheBlend

Al Learman,, In His Own Words,

“Blues with a whole lot of soul”

Playing music is part of me. I’ve had the drive to play music since I was a little kid. By the time I was eleven, I had already seen Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Muddy Waters and Paul Butterfield. Once I heard the blues my fate in music was cemented. I made a conscious effort to take that path from that moment on. Just like eating or sleeping, it’s part of what I need to do to exist and be happy. I’ve made my living, or at least, I have survived by playing music for 40 years. I will give it another 20 years, and if things don’t  pan out, I suppose I’ll start looking for a day job!

I am grateful to be part of a band like FATHEAD. As a songwriter, working with a great singer like John Mays and hearing him wrap his voice around my lyrics & melodies is a real treat. Having great musicians like Omar Tunnoch, Teddy Leonard, and Bucky Berger interpret my songs only makes them better. These guys are the cream of the crop. Working as a solo artist as well gives me the opportunity to road-test much of my material and change it as I go. I like the fact that if I write a song in the afternoon, I can play it that night. No rehearsal necessary because it’s just me. There are no boundaries working as a solo.


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